LIFE groups are intentional gatherings of two to 12 people meeting around a topic, a purpose, an event, or for fun and fellowship on a regular basis to apply elements of fellowship, discipleship, worship, and ministry to the world.

Small groups are offered in different formats and focuses, such as: LIFE Groups, Special Interest Groups, and Growth Groups and they meet at different times throughout the week.

  • LIFE Groups provide the opportunity to care for and encourage one another in the relaxing setting of a home in our area. LIFE groups provide a short study of Scripture, the application of biblical principles to today's needs, the opportunity to pray for one another, and a safe place to build lasting friendships.

  • Special Interest Groups organize around a group's shared interest in a hobby, activity, or interest. Special Interest groups emphasize the opportunity to make and develop relationships with others in a non-threatening environment.

  • Growth Groups (LIFE Classes and Wednesday Night Select Classes) are similar to Adult Sunday School classes. Growth groups focus on provided in-depth teaching, the study of Scripture, and emphasize the application of biblical truth to life's challenges.


For more information, email Pastor Frank Talarico , or call 260·490·8585.






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