Our Purpose: Why We Do What We Do

From the earliest moments of your life, the Holy Spirit has been at work in your life leading you to where you are today. The Bible often compares our lives as Christians to that of a tree or a vine that begins from a tiny seed, but grows to become healthy, fruitful and nourishing to everyone around us.

At First Assembly of God Christian Center, we want to help you become a healthy, mature follower of Christ. We are dedicated to helping you grow in the life-commitments necessary for you to realize God’s plan for your life. There are five core commitments we are dedicated to helping you grow in as a follower of Christ.

Click on each link below to learn how the ministries of First Assembly can help you live in the fullness of the Spirit-formed life.

Connect through Fellowship

Grow through Discipleship

Serve through Ministry

Reach through Evangelism

Renew through Worship